Giorgio Milano Watches
Giorgio Milano Watches

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The Spirit of the Giorgio Milano Watch Brand

Giorgio Milano has successfully melded a number of counterpoint elements in a fusion of tradition and innovation, status and performance, sportiness and glamour.

Founded in 1994, Giorgio Milano has created a brand that transcends common expectations in a fine watch brand that is both timeless and daring.

Master Watchmaker - Giorgio Milano is a world leader in the luxury watch genre that is always pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology with the creativity of our team, the range of our expertise, and depth of our experience.  Unlike replica watches cheap in construction, our selected Swiss watches (internal movement) or Japanese, utilize the highest quality materials with all watches warranty protected for three years.  Our designer watches, men’s watches, women’s watches, dive watches, sport watches, ceramic watches, diamond watches, jewelry watches, chronograph watches, fashion watches, and classic watches are all guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating wrist watch enthusiast.

Giorgio Milano Precision - Simpatico with superior quality, elegance, and performance -- Giorgio Milano Precision is more than a label; it’s a state of mind.  In our unrelenting search for reliability, excellence, and precision, we never compromise on quality.  In building our team of experts, we have not only culled from specialists in the world of watchmaking, but also professionals from other high-tech industries.  We also cultivate divergence and diversity from within the company, while creating touchstones for our teams through internal quality training and intramural development programs.

Industry Vanguard - Giorgio Milano maintains leadership in the world of timepiece design through looking both to the past, as well as to the future for inspiration to create new watches with innovative concepts that integrate advanced technology along with creativity in both womens watches and mens watches.

Giorgio Milano Watches - While we have found our special place in the exclusive world of luxury watchmaking for men’s and ladies watch design, our brand has come to stand out for its independent, dynamic, and innovative character--while maintaining the identity and values that have been the basis of our success since our inception.

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