iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun
iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun

iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun

iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun
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iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun                      (iStun 3,800,000 Stun Gun - iStunIMG4898)  SKU SG-GD3800i

Super Shopper Outlet Stores is pleased to merchandise the world's first and only iStun stun gun. The iStun is a cognitive self defense stun gun designed to resemble popular smart phones, yet emits a staggering electric shock capable to incapacitate an assailant. Although the patented iStun will not make calls or browse the web, it delivers the peace of mind of personal security.

FACT: In a recent 2012 study conducted by the FCC, more than 40% of robberies involve smart phones and cell phones. In some areas, that rate is higher than 50%.  Knowing that you have the power is truly a priceless state of mind. Should one ever have an attacker demand their smart phone; or worst yet, be the object of a much more violent intent, the iStun owner can give them a shocking surprise that will both repel and leave the attacker in a confused and submissive state for several minutes.

Whether you carry your tactical stun gun cell phone on your belt in the provided leather carry case, concealed in your handbag, or at the ready in your hand, the defensive deterrent that lies within your mild mannered looking "pseudo" mobile phone, can save your life.

Stun your Attacker (1) Second: 
Within one millisecond (1/1000ths of a second) muscles go limp.  The electric zap will repel and startle the subject with such galvanizing force that their muscles will throb in pain while you can retreat.

Stun your Attacker (1-2) Seconds: This extended flow of electrical current will create extreme pain along with muscle spasms and a dazed mental state.  The ensuing disorientation will very likely drop the subject to the ground while you can retreat.

Stun your Attacker (3+) Seconds: This continuous flow electric will create such chaotic turmoil in the nervous system that the subject will with greater yet likelihood, drop to the ground, writhe in agony, and beg for cessation of hostilities.  Beyond the likely inarticulation, drooling, and possible loss of bladder control, the once feared aggressor will be unable to recover for several minutes, and the effects of disorientation may last for some 10-15 minutes.
  • Built to resemble the world's most famous smart phone
  • 3,800,000 volt stun gun
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with charging cord
  • Premium iStun leather case
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, but convenient for quick use
  • Buy American - U.S. patent pending design

Please allow 3-5 days handling before shipping.

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