Pauline's Handmade Brittle
Pauline's Handmade Brittle

Pauline's Handmade Brittle

An American Classic
Everybody loves the sweet crunchy flavor of pecan brittle & peanut brittle...and Pauline’s Handmade Brittle is a true American classic.

Whether you get your brittle with gourmet pecans, peanuts, or any of the other varieties of brittle available, they are all chockfull of our signature rich buttery flavor.  It just stands to reason that Pauline’s confections have been voted the most irresistible brittle on the planet. 

Can You Say Addictive?
Our varieties range from Classic Pecan Brittle, Spicy Peanut Brittle with Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Dark Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Milk Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Marble Chocolate Pecan Brittle, and White Chocolate Pecan Brittle.

With its smooth, glazy, almost transparent texture that emanates from the magic and passion of Pauline’s old family brittle recipe, the airy and light brittle easily cracks apart into bite-size pieces, which makes it an ideal candy to share among kids and adults alike.

Did We Mention Handmade?
Pauline’s brittle is made only with the highest quality ingredients so that when it's cooked, it produces a deep golden brown color, a hallmark of premium brittle.  Though today's candy market is spilling over with thousands of innovative items, it is the old-fashioned handmade allure of Pauline’s scrumptious, richly-hued pecan brittle, peanut brittle, and assorted brittle varieties that keep this brand on the bestseller list.

Brittle Perfect, Perfect Brittle!
Either way you say it, Pauline’s is the best brittle--and making a great batch of peanut brittle or pecan brittle from scratch isn't always easy either.  Anyone who has ever tried can tell you there are just certain conditions that must be met to turn out the best brittle...including proper levels of humidity, appropriate cooking temperature, and the finest of ingredients.  Pauline’s Handmade Brittle has spent years perfecting those conditions so that you can enjoy this brittle candy without all the fuss and bother.  That's part of the reason Pauline’s Handmade Brittle is even all the more special.

More Products Arriving Soon!

More Products Arriving Soon!

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