Taser Cartridges - 8 Pack
Taser Cartridges - 8 Pack

Taser Cartridges - 8 Pack

Taser Cartridges - 8 Pack
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TASER Cartridges Multipack: Taser Replacement Cartridges - 8 Pack Live Cartridges

8- Pack of Live Cartridges for Taser Pulse, Taser Pulse Plus, Taser Bolt, & Taser C2 devices

Super Shopper Outlet Stores proudly offers Taser stun guns, live Taser replacement cartridges, and accessories at the lowest prices!

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  Through practice-firing your cartridges, you’ll build confidence and develop accuracy in targeting and handling your Taser device.

After your first couple of practice shots, any pre-test jitters will dissolve away.  As you hone your skills thereafter, you’ll evolve your ability to place the darts (probes) where you want them on the target.

Regardless of how many Taser cartridges you fire off in your initial skill-building test(s), we recommend that you practice with your device by firing at least one live cartridge per month to maintain your “muscle memory” or ability to repeat successful targeting and improve accuracy.

Practice often and always keep your extra Taser replacement cartridges stocked in your car, home, office, or purse.  This way, you’ll always have your protection close at hand should you need it.

Your genuine Taser replacement cartridges are compatible with the newer Taser Pulse or Taser Pulse+, as well as the older devices including the Taser Bolt or Taser C2.

Taser Device Compatibility: 

  • Pulse 
  • Pulse+
  • Bolt
  • C2

Please allow 2-5 days handling before shipping.

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