Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight
Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight

Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight

Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight
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Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight                  (Diablo - 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight + 4500 Stun Gun) 

Finally, we can all enjoy a stun gun personal defense solution that works easily for both men and women.  Everyone can use a good flashlight and this 6-3/4 inch stun gun flashlight can effortlessly slip into your purse or pocket and be presented with shocking results to any unwanted aggressor or assailant.

Super Shopper Outlet Stores is pleased to offer the world’s best tactical flashlight utilizing a new concealed interior element stun gun technology with no visible probes.  We present the Diablo Stun Gun Flashlight, which shines with a blinding torchlight of 160 lumens.  Standard flashlights are around 10-15 lumens, so with the powerful 160 lumen flashlight capacity that shines an intense focused beam, one could easily disorient any predator with eyes, be it a vicious dog, marauder, or hooligans.

Switch on the powerful 4,500,000 volts concealed within the face of this technological cudgel and wield enough power to fend off or immobilize any attacker.  Engineered from Type III aircraft grade aluminum, the Diablo Stun Gun is a lightweight stungun that’s also a shock resistant personal self defense baton capable of being an emergency glass breaker with its beveled face.

No need for batteries because this Diablo Stun Gun is a fully rechargeable flashlight, and the rugged light bulb is guaranteed to last up to 100,000 hours.  Your new best friend also employs a security switch that prevents accidental discharge.  Whether you carry your tactical flashlight stun gun on your belt in the provided nylon carry case, concealed in your handbag, or at the ready in your hand, the defensive deterrent that lies within your mild mannered looking flashlight, can save your life!

Effects from Stun Guns - When the electric current of a stun gun is applied to an assailant or attacking dog, it affects the nervous system.  The energy surges into the body’s muscles and causes them to contract rapidly and spasm, thereby giving loss of muscle control.  The normal neurological impulses that the brain sends for muscle control are interrupted without affecting the heart or other organs.  This electrical chaos induces a loss of balance that can leave the subject in a confused and submissive state for several minutes.

Stun your Attacker (1) Second: Within one millisecond (1/1000ths of a second) muscles go limp.  The electric zap will repel and startle the subject with such galvanizing force that their muscles will throb in pain while you can retreat.

Stun your Attacker (1-2) Seconds: This extended flow of electrical current will create extreme pain along with muscle spasms and a dazed mental state.  The ensuing disorientation will very likely drop the subject to the ground while you can retreat.

Stun your Attacker (3+) Seconds: This continuous flow electric will create such chaotic turmoil in the nervous system that the subject will with greater yet likelihood, drop to the ground, writhe in agony, and beg for cessation of hostilities.  Beyond the likely inarticulation, drooling, and possible loss of bladder control, the once feared aggressor will be unable to recover for several minutes, and the effects of disorientation may last for some 10-15 minutes.

It has been determined by medical and scientific groups that stun guns are completely safe in that there is no permanent harm to an attacker.  Have confidence that though you wield an awesome power to thwart a potential attacker, your stun device has no effect on involuntary muscles such as the heart and lungs--and stun guns will not permanently harm someone with a pacemaker.  Your Stun Gun will be completely safe to you, even if the aggressor is physically touching you when the device is fired at them--you can’t suffer any feedback charge.  On a full charge, your stun gun can be fired dozens of times, which is ideal for defending against multiple attackers.  Stun guns are made to be fully effective even through most clothing or the fur of an animal.

Aggressive Dogs: Even before an aggressive dog advanced within physical proximity, it would very likely be scared away by the crackling noise of the electric arc and visual light show. Now, you can have the confidence to go anywhere--day or night.  With swift one hand operation of all functions, your Stun Gun gives you the power!

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