Taser Pulse Plus
Taser Pulse Plus

Taser Pulse Plus

Taser Pulse Plus
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TASER PULSE PLUS: 1-Taser Device, 2-Live Cartridges, 1-Lithium Battery, 1-Practice Target

Color: Black + Yellow Accents

Voltage: 50,000 Volts

SKU: TPP-39064-01

Finally, we can all enjoy a legal personal defense solution in the TASER Pulse Plus package that works easily for both men and women.  Everyone can use a self-defense solution that can effortlessly slip into your purse, pocket, or stay holstered (option) on your waistband to be presented with shocking results to any unwanted aggressor or assailant.

Experience newfound peace of mind with Taser’s state-of-the-art lifesaver in the TASER Pulse+ self-defense unit.  Designed for anyone who needs simple access to personal protection, this device utilizes the same technology as law enforcement models (50,000 volts) and is a non-lethal solution that will fend off or immobilize the threat of any human or vicious dog.  

The Taser Pulse device is a self-defense Electronic Control Device or ECD that brings safety in today's connected world.   Your Taser Pulse Plus integrates with your mobile phone via the Noonlight mobile app to contact emergency dispatch when fired.  No fumbling for the phone or freezing up in fear.  Pull the trigger and help is on the way.  On the fly, one can also option to temporarily disengage Noonlight for testing purposes.

When compelled to use your device, safely immobilize attackers from up to 15 feet away by firing the device with an inserted cartridge.  After deployment, one can easily reload another cartridge or utilize the backup contact stun aspect to ward off multiple attackers.  The Taser’s replaceable lithium battery can be fired for approximately 50) 30-second cycles of firing cartridges or through contact stun applications.  ECD’s are made to be fully effective even through up to two cumulative inches of clothing or the fur of an aggressive animal.

When the electric current of your Taser is applied to an assailant or attacking animal, it affects the nervous system.  The energy surges into the body’s muscles and causes them to contract rapidly and spasm, thereby giving loss of muscle control.  The normal neurological impulses that the brain sends for muscle control are interrupted without affecting the heart or other organs.  This electrical chaos induces a loss of balance that can leave the subject in a confused and submissive state for several minutes.

It has been determined by medical and scientific groups that ECD’s are completely safe in that there is no permanent harm to an attacker.  Have confidence that though you wield an awesome power to thwart a potential attacker, your stun device has no effect on involuntary muscles such as the heart and lungs. Your stun device will be completely safe to you, even if the aggressor is physically touching you when the device is fired at them--you can’t suffer any feedback charge. 

Take your Taser on evening walks, jogging, or walking through dark parking garages.  Legal to carry in most states, when deployed, the duration of this non-lethal “freeze” is 30-seconds...giving you time to drop the device and run to safety. 

Should you leave your device behind after firing on an assailant, Taser’s Lifetime Guarantee applies if used in self-defense.  Simply send the manufacturer a copy of the police report documenting what happened and Taser (Axon) will replace your unit free of charge.  Replacement Guarantee is not available or applicable for any international (Non-USA) sales or uses of Taser devices or to any purchaser who uses the Taser device in a professional capacity.

Aggressive Dogs: Even before an aggressive dog advanced within physical proximity, it would very likely be scared away by the crackling noise of the electric arc and visual light show of the device without a cartridge inserted.  Now, you can have the confidence to go anywhere—day or night.  With swift one hand operation of all functions, your Taser Pulse gives you the power!


  • Lightweight design (8 oz.) ideal for men or women (device weighs less than most smart phones).
  • TASER Self-Defense and included Noonlight mobile integration trial: Noonlight dispatches law enforcement to the user’s location immediately if the trigger is pulled, using real-time GPS tracking provided through the Noonlight mobile application.  Device fires whether or not you choose to activate this feature.
  • Stay Linked: With the Noonlight App, as long as the Pulse+ device is within range of your mobile phone, it will be connected, even if set in the safety position. 
  • Maximized self-defense range: 15-foot shooting distance is ideal for most defensive situations.
  • Formidable protection ensures a Safe Escape - 30-second muscular override gives you time to get away, and Taser will replace your TASER device free of charge when used for self-defense.  Enjoy Taser’s Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee.
  • Comfortable to carry and use - Shaved safeties and angled sights make the Pulse ergonomic to carry and draw.
  • Fast on target - Built-in LASER and LED light helps you aim quickly day or night.
  • Effective up close – With 50,000 volts, the Contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed shot.
  • Easy to maintain - Battery indicator ensures you know your device will work when you need it. Good for 50) 30-second cycles and uses easy to replace CR123 batteries available at many retail stores.
  • Legal to own, legal to carry – No license needed in most states
  • Taser Pulse Plus Package contains:
    • 1) Taser Pulse
    • 2) Live Cartridges
    • 1) Lithium Battery
    • 1) Conductive Practice Target

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