Sumatra Gourmet Coffee - 1lb. Bag
Sumatra Gourmet Coffee - 1lb. Bag

Sumatra Gourmet Coffee - 1lb. Bag

Sumatra Gourmet Coffee - 1lb. Bag
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(1) Pound Bag of Gourmet Coffee

Artisan's Roast - Sumatra Mandheling Coffee (Varietal Arabica Coffee) is a Single Origin Coffee from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, grown near Lake Toba. We proudly roast this coffee with a centuries old technique using just the right temperature and humidity in our slow roasting process.

This is a classic cultivar coffee (specialized through cultivation) that has medium to full body and a mild low-toned acidity that is distinguished by deep, expansive flavor (desirable primary flavor of gourmet coffees). Our Sumatran Mandheling Coffee provides rich yet subtle flavors that are sweet and balanced with hints of dark chocolate.

Sumatra coffee is one of the great romance coffees of the world.  Sumatran coffee suggests intrigue, with its complexity, its weight without heaviness, and an acidity that resonates deep inside the heart of the coffee, enveloped in richness, rather than confronting the palate the moment we lift the cup.

Mandheling coffees are generally dry-processed. In fact, the fruit is usually removed from the bean by a variety of methods that are similar to the wet method. The farmers of Indonesian coffee crops remove the skins from their crops of coffee cherries immediately after picking. The skinned Indonesia coffee beans are then allowed to ferment overnight in woven plastic bags. In the morning, the fruit pulp or mucilage, loosened by the overnight fermentation, is washed off the beans by hand. The coffee (now in its parchment skin) is given a preliminary drying on special sheets. The parchment skin is then removed by machine in the warehouse and the coffee is further dried. Finally, the coffee is trucked down to the port city of Medan, where it is dried a third and last time before shipping to Artistan's Roast.

This is a very dependable coffee.  The diminished and gentle acidity, as well as the coffee's balance and sweetness, have also made Sumatran coffees a great choice for use in coffee blends.

Our Roast Master hopes you'll enjoy the experience of truly Fresh-Roasted Coffee.  This gourmet coffee has great body (mouthfeel) and wins many points with our roasted coffee connoisseurs.  Did you also know that coffee beans come from the center of the coffee plant's cherry (fruit), and is the seed of the plant.

Single Origin Coffee definition: Unblended coffee from a single country, growing region, or plantation--sometimes called straight coffee.

Our Gourmet Coffees are Fresh-Roasted to Order, and then shipped right away.  Taste the difference and you'll never go back!

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